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Do You Know How to Get That Perfect Taste in a Cup of Coffee?
We know

We are the HORS’ and we present 'best-in-its-class' instant and regular coffee.

We do not provide coffee-lovers with 'just another' excellent coffee, we work for their fine mood and real delight.

Only the cutting-edge technologies

Our partners use the most advanced equipment and unique patented technologies. Thus, we present to you inimitable blending and original design embodiment.

We're inspired

by an outstanding mix of superbly advanced equipment and the successful brands which drive our growth.

Best instant coffee experience is made with new In-Fi technology.

We bring all our consumers the deep emotion of masterful blend

Only the highest quality standards apply to all the presented coffee brands: our partners exclusively use only the best coffee beans, so they control all production stages, being the most famous international coffee producers of Switzerland, Germany and India.

Fans of quality

We develop and control all marketing stages for each of our brands

The quality control management is second to none. Only the best coffee specialists create these blends so as control quality at all stages: from a green coffee bean to a final product.

Finest beans. Finest production.

Unique coffee countries, only the best carefully washed and roasted hand-picked beans.

Some of these premium coffees are produced in Switzerland by using the crystal-clear Alpine glaciers’ water and patented In-Fi technology.

Since 1993, HORS' has become one of the leading players in the market of premium coffee brands and has developed a reputation for the presented high-quality product. Complimentary remarks from experts and numerous rewards in coffee industry testify to our success.