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Do You Know How to Get That Perfect Taste in a Cup of Coffee?
We know

Being in business for more than two decades, we have the expertize to produce and deliever the 'best-in-its-class' instant and regular coffee.

Only the cutting-edge technologies

Only the most advanced and top-notch equipment and unique patented technologies are used in the manufacturing of our coffee.

We're inspired

We are passionate about the process of making coffee and never stop experimenting with the new technologies in the manufacturing. It lead us to invent the In-Fi technology that makes an instant coffee taste like a regular one.

Partnering with the best

Only the most famous and reliable international coffee producers of Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and India are among our partners which enables us to claim the highest quality standards of our coffee.

Keeping everything under control

All the production steps, from roasting to packaging, take place at the same factory, which is essential for making high quality coffee. From a green coffee bean to a final product, we keep everything under a strict control.

Selected beans. The finest quality

Unique coffee countries, the world's best carefully washed and roasted hand-picked beans are used to produce coffee that can satisfy the most demanding taste.

The HORS Coffee House is a creative team of coffee specialists. The impeccable quality standards are applied to our coffee products.

The assortment line of the HORS Coffee House represents the genuine collection of coffee art that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes and needs of the coffee lovers: strong and bold EGOISTE, fine and sophisticated BUSHIDO, uncompromised and affordable INFINITY, young and delightful TODAY.