In-Fi is the name of the technology that places particles of regular fine-ground roasted coffee INSIDE the freeze-dried coffee granules to protect the freshly roasted and ground regular coffee from oxidation and to preserve its genuine flavor.

By using a special grinding technique an extra-fine grind size is achieved
Crystal clear Alpine glacier water is used
Only the finest hand-picked beans of highland Arabica from the best plantations of the world are used
Without the use of additives
Instant coffee
In-Fi® TECHNOLOGY evenly distributes the natural fine ground roasted coffee among all the soluble coffee crystals. This technology protects the ground coffee from oxidation and preserves the genuine aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.
Ground coffee
As a result you can enjoy a cup of coffee full of the rich flavour of a fresh brew, prepared in just 30 seconds, with some natural coffee grounds left at the bottom of your cup.